• 1995
  • Un Certain Regard
  • First film

An enticing mystery, set in Shanghai in the thirties. One late autumn evening, in a tobacconist’s shop, a journalist meets a mysterious woman dressed in black and falls in love with her. The woman is distant and elusive and says she is a spirit, a ghost. The journalist is fascinated and tries to find out more about her. In his attempts at unravelling the mystery of her identity and background, he stumbles upon a stunning revelation: the woman was a member of an anarchist group involved in murder. She is tied to a web of love, betrayal and revenge. In the end, the woman vanishes, solitary at heart and full of regrets. The journalist waits with forlorn hope to relive his first evening liaison with her.

Directed by : Yi Fei CHEN
Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 98


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