Drissa TOURE
  • 1995
  • Un Certain Regard

Ouagadougou, its buildings, its shanty-towns… Prosperity in the modern city and poverty in the outskirts live together. A portrait of Ouagadougou, caught in the traps of modernism and traditionalism, is drawn through Fousseini’s family. Fousseini, a Muslim strongly attached to his faith and traditions, tries to raise his family according to the ancient precepts and the code of honour of his ancestors. One of his sons is a projectionist and provides for the whole family, against his wife’s will. The other son loafs around all day searching for his lost fiancée. A gallery of portraits, a colourful and funny mosaic, revolves around this family.

Directed by : Drissa TOURE
Country: France, Burkina Faso
Duration: 87

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