Bin Hajisaari U-WEI
  • 1995
  • Un Certain Regard

A Malaysian programme, composed of the feature film “Kakai Bakar” (The arsonist) and excerpts of the films “Perempuan, isteri dan jalang” (Woman, wife and whore) and “Aku raja gungung ini” (I’m the king of the mountain). A proud man, proud of his Javanese heritage, the arsonist or “Kaki Bakar” Kakang, is trying to bring up his children in Malaysia and instil in them his own strong values. Kakang is a man who sees clearly the social inequities that allow him to be exploited. Unfortunately, Kakang chooses arson as a way of defiance. This has a profound effect on Kakang’s youngest son, who shares his father’s uncompromising attitude.

Directed by : Bin Hajisaari U-WEI
Country: Malaysia
Duration: 84

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