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Un Certain Regard


Directed by : Mohsen MAKHMALBAF

Country : IRAN Length : 75 minutes


Part one : a brunet man discovers that Gazale, his wife, is having an affair with a blond man. The husband kills the lover. At court, he is sentenced to death penalty. Gazale commits suicide. Part two : the blond man is Gazale's husband. The brunet is her lover. The outcome is the same. Part three : Similar to the first situation up until the conflict between the two men. The brunet refuses to kill his rival, who eventually marries Gazale...


Mahmoud KALARI - Cinematography

Mohsen MAKHMALBAF - Film Editor

Mohsen MAKHMALBAF - Director

Mohsen MAKHMALBAF - Script / Dialogue


Abdolrahman YALMAI - L'homme brun

Aken TUNC - L'homme blond

Shiva GERED - Gazale